As of 3/3/21 I am not accepting orders for leaf or IFS skis. My supplier has placed a minimum quantity purchase on me. The expenditure doesn’t make sense because these are slow moving parts. This situation may change in the future, and if it does I’ll resume selling skis.

Thanks and sorry. ~Phil


At long last I have aluminum skis back in stock. I didn’t order a great quantity of them because they sell so slowly. This is understandable because their use is limited to vintage projects, oval racing, water skipping and smooth trails. Always use ski skins with them. (Place skis over skins and trace the edge. Trim to marks for flush fit.) Skis do not come with runners.

I have one pair of IFS skis in stock. I can get more. A pair of IFS skis weigh only 7.5 lbs-a weight savings of 11lbs! Stock IFS skis weigh 18.5 pounds. Fits 1980 to 1997 Indys. Used to be $379/pair but the price now is $345.


I have two pairs of leafers in stock. Without springs, these skis weigh a feathery 5lbs. a pair. Use stock springs on the leaf skis. For Polaris sleds. Colts, Chargers, TX and SS. Used to be $338/pair but now are $325.

Note 1

Always use plastic skins under aluminum skis. Aluminum is soft and will wear rapidly over gravel and can dent (or break) slamming rocks and stumps. Ski skins increase the overall strength and will decrease breakage and wear factor. I trail rode skinned aluminum skis on my Velocity Indy (see my toys section) without a single problem. If you are going to use these for ice racing you can probably run them without skins but avoid gravely pit areas. I’m sure you will add vertical stiffing for cornering.

Note 2

Mount steel fender washers on both sides of the ski mount and check bolt tightness periodically. Use Nylock nuts and LocTite on the mount and runner bolts. The aluminum mount hole of the skis can wear particularly if the bolts come loose. Steel washers will retard wear. Even though these skis with skins are suitable for trail use, you don’t want to do major air or go ditch banging with them. If you abuse them they will die in time.

Runners & Carbides

Here are runners/carbides for my aluminum skis.

SnoStuff Part numbers:

  • 510-204 Standard round bars
  • 515-204 Hardened round bars
  • 505-204 4” carbides
  • 506-204 6” carbides
  • 507-204 8” carbides

Aluminum skis can kill you if you use them super aggressively and surpass their capabilities.