Graphics for PRS Formulas 1984-1990

I use custom graphics for my sleds because the factories all too often put bad art on their sleds. If you feel the same way, have a go with some of my ideas.

Ski-Doo Formula 1984 to 1990

skidoo formula graphics 1

  • ski-doo hood sides 21½ x 5-1/8
  • Can be used on other Doo models too.

White with a black outline for light backgrounds $98
Yellow with orange out line for dark backgrounds $98

  • "Formula" for the front nose front. 13” x 3”.

In white with a black out line for light backgrounds $28

Graphics for ET SnoPro Hood

et sno pro graphic text 1

18.5 x 4.75, red with black outline $39.00

 et 250 graphic text 1

7.25 x 7.25, red with black outline $39.00

 yamaha graphic text 1

New Yamaha Logo 16x3, red with black outline, L&R $59.00

yamaha et250 enticer graphics 6

ET Yamaha Checkered Stripes

Red with black outline, L&R $85.00

Package Price

ET SnoPro, one $39.00
250 one $39.00
Checkered strips, two $85.00
Yamaha neo logos, two $59.00

Total: $222.00
Package price:  $195.00

(Add $25 for different colors and 300 & 340 numbers.)