Ski-Doo PRS racing hood--cheap

prs formula drag hood 1 prs formula drag hood 2

Ski-Doo PRS Formula Drag Hood

Fits 1991-1994 Formulas. This one piece shield and hood is dedicated to drag racing and speed runs. It has no venting. Smooth shapes to reduce air drag. This one piece of fiberglass weighs only 7 pounds but is reinforced with an extra layer down the middle and along the “shield” edge. The hood is black gelcoat.

Here’s a thought for a totally outrageous trail hood

Cut a NACA duct and other ports for fresh air and you would blow trail riders away.

My retail price was $319 but you can buy it below my cost for only $195. If you can’t pick it up I can ship by Greyhound Package Express. It would cost about $95 and I’d have to make a carton and that would be about $49.