yamaha vintagevents 1Many small parts from the late 60s through the 80s snowmobiles are getting rare or impossible to find. Small plastic parts like grilles, vents and headlight bezels aged with time and decomposed from UV sunlight. They became brittle, cracked and broke. I make vintage race hoods so offering other hard-to-get parts makes sense. I am producing small plastic parts that rebuilders and collectors need.

The vents and grille for Yamaha Enticers have been produced. Vents are made from ABS-like plastic and will be exact replicas of the originals. Vents for other scarce Yamahas, Polaris, Arctic and Ski-Doos will be produced. If you are need of vents for your sled, contact phil@phillittleracing.com or 952-607-6063.

yamaha vintagevents diagram 1

1977-81, 250, 300 & 340PriceColorsVent Dimensions
YET1 - grill, black (all) coming Black  
YET2 - hood deck (250, 300) $49.00 Black or red 7-3/4" x 4-1/2"
YET3 - hood deck (250, 300) $49.00 Black or red 7-1/2" x 3-7/8"
YET4 - hood deck (340) coming Black or red 10" x 5"
YET5 - dash long rect (all) coming Black or red  
YET6 - dash round (all) $49.00 Black or red 4" round
YET7 - rear big vent, left side (all) $119.00 Black or red  

Other colors (if there is a demand): maroon, white, blue

YET2 250 300 YET3 250 300 YET4 340

ET Grille (YET1)

et grille yet1 1
Coming soon

ET 250/350

et250 et350 vents 1 


et340 vents 1 et340 vents 2  

Yamaha SRX

srx vents 1