custom polaris indy hood sketch 1

New custom hood for 1981 to 1993 Indys

Yes, I will be bringing out my new RXL hood for Indys this summer but some of you may want something different, something more retro, something more traditional and something cheaper. Well here comes the Velocity II.

You’ll recognize the design from the 1981 to 1988 Indys. Those hoods were not particularly good looking. That is why I changed things. The headlight pod is rearward of where it was. I removed the big curves in the hood sides and made the hood sleeker-better to accept graphics. And I cleared the center of the hood and put the scoops to the sides. This will fit Indys from 1981 to 1993.

At first, I’ll be offering just the hood and the optional TX styled graphics above. That will keep the price nicely low. If you have the 1981 to 1988; nose, hinges, headlight and windshield-they’ll match perfectly with this new hood. Later on, if this proves popular I will offer; noses, low windshields, windshield trim, a belly air scoop for 488/500 fan Indys and hopefully hinges. In the end, you’ll have to source head lights/basal, instruments and that old-style bumper

custom polaris indy hood 3 custom polaris indy hood 2

I’m preparing the mold to make parts soon. If you’re interested in updating your beat up Indy hood, send me an email to I will put you on a progress report list.


polaris velocity 1

New custom hood for 1981 to 1993 Indys