RXL EDGE 8869 thThe popularity of our RXL hood conversion kits for Indys from 1981 to 1997 has owners of Indy Edge models wanting the same for their sleds. I offer an inexpensive way to change the look of your Edge. I am now able to supply our own RXL retro graphic kit for your Indy Edge 2001 to 2006. These are the Indys with the smooth plastic bumpers.

The seven piece graphic kit is made from high quality printed vinyl with a fuel-resistant clearcoat. The colors are red and white. The graphics will look best on darker color hoods. Apply the adhesive vinyl pieces with my instructions or have a sign company do it. 

Download my installation instructions

Polaris Edge RXL graphics kit

  • Indy Edges 2001 to 2006 with smooth plastic bumpers
  • Seven piece graphic kit
  • Made from high quality printed vinyl with a fuel-resistant clearcoat
  • Red and white--will look best on darker color hoods
  • Comes with instructions

$169 and ships by mail. $19 to lower 48 and $41 to Canada.

Polaris Edge RXL graphics kit final report 10/26/15

RXL EDGE 8869 th

I hired world famous snowmobile photographer Wayne Davis to shoot the Edge graphics. He does all of Yamaha’s photography and a bunch for Polaris and Ski-Doo too. 

I’m no longer going to pester you with progress reports because the kit is done and has gone out to the magazines. Thanks for watching this happen.

~ Phil Little

Polaris Edge RXL graphics kit progress report 10/19/15

Last Thursday I approved the changes to Indy Edge RXL graphics and placed the first order. I will be shipping soon, so if you want one let me know. The kit costs $189 and shipping to most places will be about $19. This Wednesday I’m taking the hood to world famous snowmobile photographer Wayne Davis for some studio shots then the hood will be returned to All Power Sports who kindly lent me the hood. I’ll share the photos with you.

Polaris Edge RXL graphics kit progress report 9/14/15

Now you can see how this product will look. I think it will be popular. This design will look best on dark hoods (blue and black). I’m not ready to produce them yet because upon the first application design bugs appeared. That is being corrected now. If you’d like to reserve a set from the first batch of 5, three are left.

polaris edge hood graphics 1 th polaris edge hood graphics 2 th polaris edge hood graphics 3 th


Polaris Edge RXL graphics kit progress report 9/9/15

Yesterday, after months of tooth pulling, I finally approved the Edge RXL graphics and ordered the first batch of five kits. These will be digitally printed on giant computers and clear coated for lasting protection (until you hit your next tree.)

The graphics have to be applied with the water/soap method. I will have instructions (with photos) but if you don’t want to risk screwing up the installation-have a sign company do it for you. That way if they screw up you can make them pay for the replacement parts.

Progress report 4/13/15 (the start)

edge hood graphics kit 1Original mockup for design shapesI borrowed an Edge hood from All Power Sports in Victoria, MN and laid out the graphics on the hood on with pin stripping tape. The tape was traced onto sheets of paper. A sign shop scanned them into a computer.