NOS means New Old Stock, and these parts are. They have been sitting in a warehouse for at least 20 years. I found a source for this new old stuff and when the source runs dry, that’s it... all gone. These parts will fit wedge Indys from 1983 to 1997 (with extruded front bumpers).

Each of these parts is on the large side, which complicates shipping. Firstly there will be a carton charge because I’ll have to make a custom carton. Secondly UPS and FedEx will charge like crazy to ship this stuff. The end runs are two: 1) Greyhound Package Express (about $100) and 2) Speedee for MN, SD, ND, WI and northern IL--something like 80 bucks. If you are close enough to pick up, try that for savings.

New Indy Pan $219

The new pans I’m featuring are the ones for liquid cooled models but I can get fan cooled pans too. The only difference is the vent on the right side. This is the bare-bones pan with holes pre-drilled but that’s it. If you are building a nice sled to new or are building my RXL conversion kit, you may want to start with a clean new pan instead pouring through the ‘best of used ones’ from the used parts dealers. Or using the one that came on your sled with three exhaust holes and lots of tree evidence. Pans are black. [Carton 48 x 36 x12] [Estimated weight 12 lbs].

polaris indy wedge pan 1 polaris indy wedge pan 2

New Indy Bulkhead $195

I know the only guys who’d buy a new bulk head are the super builders who want to start with fresh chassis parts. Or someone who took a terrific impact with large solid object-enough so to distort the ski supports on the bulk head. I wish these parts came in raw aluminum for easy polishing but the factory made ‘em in black. Happily the paint is one of those jiffy jobs factories do with a quicky spray gun. The stuff’s semi-gloss and thin so Zip Strip and a pressure washer should do the job. I recommend powder coating in your choice of color so the finish is rich, glossy and lasts for an age. At least you’ll know these bulk heads are nuts-on from the factory so some slight tweak from a used bulk head won’t find its way into your build at the worst possible time-when you are done. 

My bulkhead supply is limited to ten units. Most of them are for 1980-92 earlier generation Indys. A few are for 1995/96 XCRS. If you look closely you’ll see differing structures. Just match yours to these shown here. [Carton 34x 24 x 15] [Estimated weight 15 lbs].

polaris indy bulkhead 1 polaris indy bulkhead 2

 1995/96 XCRs with lower mounts and longer suspension travel

90 95 polaris indy bulkhead 1 th 90 95 polaris indy bulkhead 2 th

1980-1992 earlier generation Indys with the early mounting plates

Builder note:

If you are after a super clean bulkhead expect to do some power sanding on the bottom surfaces. There is a fair amount of welding splatter in those areas.

New Indy Tunnels, New Lower Prices

As of 9/25/19, the only tunnels I can get are painted black ones. Natural aluminum are all gone. If you want natural, you’ll have to do the nasty paint removal trick. I can ship them via Greyhound Express if you can’t pick up. The cost will be about $120 plus the carton I have to make at $40. [Carton 60 x 36 x 12] [Estimated weight 20 lbs].

Current stock

  • ASM Tunnel, X-10, SP, R0Z-N, Black $225 [in house]
  • 1989-92 Tunnel 500LC and more?, black $225 [coming]
  • Early 80s GOLD tunnel, totally rare $295 [coming]

All the holes are drilled and the suspension axle flanges are attached as is the rear gas tank anchor.

polaris indy tunnel 1 polaris indy tunnel 2

Should it come to pass you’ll be needin’ any of these parts, ring my chime: 952-935-8833 or cell 952-607-6063