Updated 3/29/21

I have run into another stash of chassis parts for Indys. These parts are all new (NOS). In addition to these prices, I have ta charge you freight for them to be shipped to me. If you pick up then that’s it for cost. If I ship to you that cost will be about $120 - either Greyhound station-to-station or by Speedee Freight in MN, SD, ND, NE, Iowa, WI, IL, and very western UP of MI.

Tunnel w/ heat exchangers $295 New
Pan, fan cooled $219 New
Bulk head, most models $295 New
Hoods 2000-2010, most colors $195 New

Should it come to pass you’ll be needin’ any of these parts, ring my chime: 952-935-8833 or cell 952-607-6063

I do have a new Indy NOS extruded aluminum bumper left

  • Red right side only - $59.00

indy bumpers red 1