Some builders have discovered an unseemly (pun intended) gap between the nose and hood. You can see it here on John Curtis’s Alloutte (RXL). If you’ve gone through all my mounting instructions and a gap remains, there may be a remedy or maybe two.

curtis alloutte rxl 2

As I finished my Retro Star I had a gap (seen here before a fix). One is to reduce the thickness of the interior mount surface of the nose. Fiberglass guys often get too much fiberglass on the mount surface with their chopper guns. This holds the nose away from the hood. I had to sand the mount area down to 3/16”. It was ¼” plus when I started. This may help. If you use a hand belt sander with 40 grit it will cut quicker. I used an orbital and it took 45 minutes.

rxl retro star hood gap

Another problem I had with the Retro Star fit was using misshaped old bumpers which pinched the front of the hood from moving forward. That was self-induced and may not at all be a problem for you but just be aware this could be a contributory cause.

 rxl bumper 1

If you’ve discovered any other unsatisfactory problems, share them with me and I’ll pass them on to other owners.

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