This trick was shared by Opie Shutter from Nekoosa, WI.

Step One

  • Buy Alumabrite from NAPA or whoever. It’s an agent to remove oxidation.
  • Wipe it on the aluminum and let it eat the crud away.
  • Wash the part and let dry.
  • When dry, the surface looks awful but not to worry.

Step Two (the amazing part)

  • Buy a bottle of Mother’s Mag and Aluminum polish. Use liberally.
  • Buy 2” felt pads for a high revving die grinder, 20,000 RPM or so. Sorry to say but buy a 10 pack from China ($10.) because they wear out quickly. US made pads are 10 bucks each.
  • Test polish a spot and you’ll jump back because it works so fast and the aluminum gleams. Continue until done.

You can get different shaped felt pads for tight places. Wear gloves because aluminum gets hot.