rxl retro star 1The new RXL Retro Star expresses the RXL/Indy hood kit in a way to mimic the TXs from 1975 to 1978. I will have it ready at Waconia in 2019. It will fit on Indys from 1980 to 1997 with the extruded aluminum front bumper. If you’d like to get on the waiting list email me at phil@phillittleracing.com or text 952-607-6063.

The graphics will be made to go on a white RXL hood. The standard graphics will be midnight blue and red. I am going to convert a big tank seat to look like the photo. Go to my RXL page to see how I did one last year. Have your upholsterer do the same or similar thing. I am going to use black and red on my showcase sled because I don’t like the hassle of changing the pan color to blue.

Pricing (as of 1/14/19)

RXL hood and nose, in white
Specify 1989 on big tank or pre 1988 small tank
Duez ¼ turn hood latch kit $60.00
Hood/nose graphics $249.00
Graphics installation $99.00
Mesh grill screen To come
RXL halogen long-distance headlight
Mounts on nose or on bars
Light mount for steering column $27.00
Flat race handlebars $39.00
Custom hand-built carton & plastic bag $45.00