korecek skidoo 1Laddie Korecek comes from Antioch, Illinois. That is not his fault but he complains it doesn’t rain there much--least it didn’t in the summer of 2016. Maybe Laddie is one of those rain guys who, when it rains, runs around the streets of Antioch with his face pointed upward and his mouth open. I doubt it because he is a jeweler and I’m sure he stays in his shop working.

When it comes to snowmobiles, Laddie uses his jeweler’s eye to select diamonds. Because Illinois is on the snowbelt fringe, often sleds aren’t ridden in years of marginal snow. Laddie is like a vulture and pounces on old sleds that are rare, low mileage jewels. Take this Formula jewel. It was in pristine shape except for the windshield.

korecek skidoo 2Laddie wanted the “low” shield and eventually found me because I am the only source in the world. Guys with originals don’t want to sell them or they ask crazy prices. Laddie found a matching in paint source and you can see the result.

Pssst... Laddie was talkin’ crazy talk like he was going to turn this over to a museum. If you know him, talk him out of it. This sled should appear at special rides with Laddie in the saddle.

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