kogut-yamaha-et250-hood-1Mike Kogut from Watertown, NY has been into vintage racing for some time. Among his racing stable was this fast little Yamaha ET250 but it was stock-looking. He changed that by buying my Sno Pro hood for 250, 300 and 340 Enticers. I just know that when he comes to the line, his competitors will feel slightly intimidated by a Sno Pro looking sled compared to theirs with stock hoods with cracks and faded paint.

kogut-yamaha-et250-hood-2kogut-yamaha-et250-hood-3He has done a neat job of replicating the factory race graphics of the time. The photo is kinda fuzzy but you may be able to see his use of beefy spreader plates and lightweight aluminum race skis. ET250 were always good handlers but Mike’s treatment makes the sled rock solid in the corners.

He had the seat re-upholstered with a black top and red sides like Yamahas of the late 70s. If you are wanting info on racing ETs you may want to write Mike but if you are from New York area don’t expect him to share all his go-fast secrets. Nice job Mike!

ET250/300/340 Builder Gallery

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