et250 350 pan sides polished 1
New panels in white gelcoat
et250 350 pan sides 1
I paint the insides with metallic silver to help hide the uglies

If it’s one part on old ETs that is consistently in bad shape, it’s the aluminum side panels. They are inherently weak and most show bangs and dents. Mine are fiberglass and can be repaired if need be. These at least you can repair if need be. Dented thin aluminum is virtually impossible to straighten perfectly.

I offer panels in paintable white, black or I will have them in bright aluminum warp to look original. I will offer the panels in white so you can paint them or I will have them in bright aluminum wrap to look original. If you want a polished aluminum look, buy my white ones (cheapest) and paint them.


Pair Single side
ET250 PAN SIDES, white paintable $239.00 $129.00
ET250 PAN SIDES, gloss black $259.00 $149.00
ET250 PAN SIDES, brushed aluminum to come to come