Wedge hood artDonny Sayen, my RXL builder, suggested I make an Indy Wedge-based exposed engine hood. Not hard--I'd simply modify my old Velocity hood (see sled toys). I'd fill in the scoops, cut off light pod and open up the left hood for a free air or liquid engine. (The opening would accept Polaris ATV 250 jugs and cylinders.)

This hood would fit all wedge sleds but you'd need an old style 1980 to 1987 stock nose and hinges which will bolt on all Indys. The Wedge Race Pro hood would be a bunch less than my RXL kit since its just a hood-somewhere in the $375 range

What do you think? I'm crazy? Would you buy one? Would it sell? If you are interested in this project write with your thoughts and I'll put you on my report list to see development stages with photos.


~ Phil Little