I got this email out of the blue in January, 2021. Keith said this with no prompting from me whatsoever.

bushey storm 1A customer bought this bike (an '81 XS 650 Special) and your Storm 650 kit about 6 years ago. He couldn't find anyone in the area to install it until he found me at my shop, Rigid Performance. I took on the task being that I've been a professional tech in the field for over 45 yrs.I just finished this project last week, and wanted to thank you for an outstanding kit you provide!

I took this project to a higher level per customer request. The customer and I are extremely pleased with the outcome! Again, thank you for such a fantastic way to reincarnate and outdated bike to a whole new spectrum!

In this project we stripped the bike to the frame, trimmed/cut all unneeded tabs, brackets, etc. Then we smoothed out all cut areas, stripped the frame and powder coated it. We were after a blacked-out model, so we proceeded to strip and paint all the chrome...and here it is!

If you are on the east coast and are in a similar situation for help building a custom project you may want to contact Keith at Rigid Performance in Chazy, NY. (518) 846-3399. rigidperformance@yahoo.com

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