vaudrin storm x650 rear rightKen Vaudrin from Grand Rapids Minnesota grabbed a hold of my Storm kit and went to the moon. You don't often see a black and gold theme in a bike but Ken had the vision to make it work sooo well.

Ken saw my Storm introduction in Cycle World, got excited then started snooping out a 650. A friend had donor bike and Ken traded out some carpentry for it. Ken sourced parts from Mike's XS and from me-tank, tail, bars, side beauty plates, fork brace bars and front fender. He and I worked out the custom gold graphics to which Ken matched all the gold trim paint. By the way-Ken did all the labor and paint himself-it took him a year.

Now there is another fellow lurking in Minnesota who had an influence in the project too. Whenever you see holes used as decoration and design there is a better than even chance that Kevin Rickbeil has been going drill happy. What you see on the cases, wheels and calipers is a Rickbeil thing. Kevin is a national level custom builder. (See sidebar for more on Rick.)

vaudrin storm x650 front leftvaudrin storm x650 rear left

The one thing that Ken did that I didn't envision was blending the rear fender with the tail--it really makes the bike look longer. And the use of a front fender answered that look in front. The fender is the "Beach Storm" fender I made but never sold. I have the mold if it cranks you.

Ken has built what I think is the nicest Storm in the world. Ken you are a master!

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