sxr-gallery-mcintyreDavid McIntyre of Glan Conwy is from far north in Wales UK. Why do I say practical? Look at his custom. It's got all the right pieces: Storm body, beauty plates, fork brace and Mikes's XS Ascott pipes and a bunch of work has gone into his scooter.

He's done all that but look at the things he has retained for a daily use bike; a center stand, passenger bar and pegs, front fender, legal signals and taillight. Dave's a smart fellow. We Americans are not so when it comes to making a custom-we toss away most everything for the sake of style and go wanting when we need to change a tire or speak confidently with a patrolman.

Dave has done a right good job with paint. A cheery bright red was brought down into the wheels to spread color around and it worked and tends to mask the use of a 'practical' stock 16" wheel.

Dave ( says:

I have just put the bike on the road after completing it this week. Taken longer than planned, but other projects have got in the way. The bike is not a 'show pony'. It was never meant to be but I am more than pleased with the outcome. The frame has been powder coated silver, as have the front and rear mudguards. The engine has been completely rebuilt, although the only findings were a snapped pin on a crank bearing and the usual electric start gear issues, all of which have been resolved.

There are a few items to improve on i.e. re-chroming of mudguard and sissy bar and powder coating brake calipers silver at some point but for now I'll just enjoy the rest of the summer.

Best Regards,

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