compton storm 1 thReece Compton has been working on this project for a while and we can see that in the photo. He has had it all down if you note the new black paint on the frame and yellow inside the stock rims--I just love that look, (way better that black hole black).

This wasn’t a two week wonder--Reece took his time with care. He’s kept most of the stock bits but they all have been painted in the black or yellow theme. I really like his Ascot 2-into-2 pipes from Mikes XS. They have a sharp sound but if you want to keep them on the quiet side just repack them with a dedicated aftermarket fiberglass for motorcycles.

Reece surprised me with the Kenny Roberts Mollie stripes with Kenny’s signature (I suspect from a later H2O RD)--he didn’t tell me his graphic plans. Reece said “Everything has arrived, all present and correct! Looks good quality mate – well worth the runs and looks great.” If you Brits have questions why not ask Reece at