duncan sxr street tracker 1 thHere is Brisbane, Australia customer Les Duncan on his newly completed SXR. He was lucky to use an XR1000 Harley made for a short time--lucky because they are rare.

The XR1000 offers two big advantages. They have the XR heads and exhaust so the end result is more XR-like. And oddly they came with 18” rear wheels. This gives greater flexibility in tire choice and my 19” rear wheel conversion kit can be avoided.

When you go with a 19” rear wheel the tire choices are dirt track rubber or skinny street tires from Avon. That’s it. Tire makers offer more 18” tires constructed for use on the rear. Most SXR users are happy with the dirt track tire anyway.

Front fender and number over headlight in photo are a clue that Les participates in track days or is a road racer. Thanks for the photo, Les.

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