smith sxr 1 thJeff’s gone insane on his SXR street tracker. Just eyeball the elements of his bike. For starters he had his tank and tail carbon fiber dipped. Jeff is the first to do this. Basically the supplier floats a thin carbon fiber pattern on top of water in a tank. Carefully the body piece is lowered into the water upside down. The pattern adheres to the surface and is dried. Done well, a flawless carbon pattern is achieved.

The front end of his bike is from a Ducati Multistrada--it's an Öhlins/K-tech hybrid. Wheels, discs, triple clamps, axle, headlight mounts, rear brake mount, and ignition mount are all one-off items. The rear swingarm is a Krüger & Junginger from Germany. And to match the front, the rear shocks are Öhlins. [Those shocks cost more than some of my trick bikes--Phil].

smith sxr 2 thThe motor is a Hammer Performance 1250 with: impact heads, Andrews N4 cams, Mikuni carb, S&S air twin cleaner, performance ignition and the Supertrapp pipes I supplied him.

We’ll ask Jeff to send photos when the bike is done and can be rolled out of his shop for updated photos. Jeff you are ‘capital’ and a big well done.

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