hogan-evel-sxr-2hogan-evel-sxr-1Here we have a nice 1980 Iron Head Sportster--before and after Lyle Hogan Eveled it. This is Lyle's second SXR conversion--the second of what he anticipates to be a group of about 5 eventually.

He said "Evel Kneivel was my boyhood hero, so I wanted to do a bike like his for a while. I'm 57 and still act like a kid. The donor bike was in very good original condition. The standard SXR tail section had to be widened ¾" to fit the pre-Evo frame. Phil did this at no additional charge and I will promise you can't see where it was cut and re-shaped. He is truly the guru of glass".

"The bike was drawing a crowd while still perched on the lift. I spent too much money on the custom-fabbed exhaust but, once started, no turning back. Meanwhile, I was especially pleased with Phil's red/white/blue seat stitching. And a sign shop made the Evel graphics package. I love it, but am gonna let someone else do the jumping. Enjoy!"

Lyle D. Hogan
Summerfield, NC