brickel xrx 1Ken Brickel from Palm Coast set out to build a gem, which turned out to be something between a Hooligan and a café.

I had what I wanted in my head, just had to make it happen. I started with a ‘96 883 with a 1200 kit. I looked around on line and came across Phil Little Racing and it took off from there. I did a complete tear down to the frame and started back up with the frame in silver power coat. I lowered forks 1 1/2 inch and installed 15 inch shocks. This made the stance look right and we went on from there. I went through motor and hand build seat fender. I painted the 19 inch 13 spoke cast wheels in gold and used that same color as accent in the gold leaf numbering. White paint and pin stripes achieved the bike I was after. The bike was finished off with aluminum bars with risers, 2 into 1 SS exhaust, and dirt track tires.

A simple little thing like painting the wheels can do a lot for a project bike.

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