lusk hooligan 1Melvin Lusk from Ponchatoula, LA, was one of my first XRX buyers. He has recently finished his bike and it looks totally fine. A time ago I wasn’t keen on stock Harley Sportster tanks but now I love those old Hummer tanks. They have a unique style.

This is the first XRX Hooligan I’ve seen in just orange and I like the effect. Apart from cleaning up the bike, Mel doesn’t have pile of money in his scoot but I’m guessing if he ever decided to sell it, it would command much more than comparable Sportsters on the market. It looks as though Mel confined his money on paint, pipes and rear sets.

For a modest amount he has created a nice mount. Slap ole’ Mel on the back next time you see him at a show. Bully, Mel!

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