hammock xrx 1John is a 5 month newbie to Hooligan racing. He now has two racers, and they not slapped together stockers. John has spent a ton of time building his bikes from the finest parts. He is willing to create different exhaust systems and run off to the dyno for the results. If he doesn’t like the results he get the welder out again.

hammock xrx 2Notice the exhaust in both photos--you’ll see they are entirely different. Check out the wheels. John doesn’t pinch in his quest for wins. It’s very obvious that John has been deeply involved in other forms of racing because newbies can’t achieve a bike like this with only 5 months into the Hooligan world.

John has purchased two 27° steering kits from me because he knows that’s a huge advantage over other racers. I’m guessing you racers should be warry of John because you know he wants to be first. Good on ya John.

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