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Ronnie Mauch’s Street Tracker turned Hooligan racer

Report from Ronnie Mauch, Freeport, TX. June 16, 2018

Last weekend we attended the Republic of Texas Biker Rally in Austin, TX. A flat track race was a side show to the Biker Rally. They had classes for Open Pro Flat Track, a SuperMoto AMA Sanctioned Class and a Hooligan class.

I entered the Hooligan class with my Phil Little Street Tracker along with two other Texans who had your rear wheel conversion kits. The track was a 3/8 mile. All three of we Hooligan Racers had your parts on our Harleys! A guy who raced in the Open Pro Class jumped down to enter the Hooligan Class on a Ducati and of course won the Hooligan Main Event. [Editor: this was a big time promoter error. It’s always a bad idea to mix pros with amateurs.]

I placed 2nd with the other two Harley Hooligan racers (with your parts) finishing 3rd and 4th. One of the guys was from the Dallas, area and the other one was from Odessa, TX but just moved to Austin, TX. I feel that my bike could have won first place show honors as I had all of your glass. Many flat track enthusiasts commented on how cool it was. The other guys had stock tanks with other tail sections and other aftermarket parts.

But, we all had fun! It was like going back 40 years for me. Anyway, you would have been proud!!! I am hoping that they will post some photos and maybe a video soon for our/your viewing pleasure. If it does post it should come out on ROT Rally 2018 Austin, TX, so look for it.

Take care Phil and thanks again.

Ronnie’s 2nd place award for the day


The Musketeers with pit marshal