craig tracker 1This is my first Harley, a ’96, and I never thought I'd be interested in owning one until I saw Peter Morris' Tracker on Pinterest. I looked at other tail options online but nothing looked as slick as the Hooligan tail from Phil. I found the right bike for the right price on Craigslist and sourced the rest on eBay, a couple well known on-line retailers, a LBS called Cyclpath in Kirkland and a few more things on Craigslist.

Pulling the entire bike apart was priority number one. With it being a 22 year old bike, a safety check of everything was needed. I replaced all the dodgy hardware store bolts with proper OEM grade 8 on the forks and brakes. All control cables, brake lines, oil lines and fuel line were replaced. The old oil lines were falling apart when I removed them. The transmission pulley had been loose for a long time and the 1 7/8 nut and lock ring were rounded off. Fortunately the splines were un-damaged. I repaired the wiring harness and moved the signal light load balancer from under the seat to inside the headlight bucket. With Phil's Hooligan tail there is no extra room under the seat so I combined the 3 Deutsch connectors for the brake light (4 pin) and the 2 signal lights (2 pin) into a single 8 pin. This makes removing the tail section much easier as well.

craig tracker 3 craig tracker 2 craig tracker 4 th 

Finding the right gas tank wasn't easy but it was worth it. I used Phil's Hooligan tail, 19" rear wheel conversion kit, tracker bars, grips, battery cover, and mud guard. It was a fun winter project and turned out better than I'd hoped.


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