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Aaron Burch is a 2-Wheel Tuning Specialist for American SHOWA, Inc. in Wauwatosa, WI. He sent these photos and I don’t know where to begin calling out all the stuff he’s done. He said “The bike is built with function over form in mind, yet it draws more attention than I expected. Everyone seems to love it and wonder if they can buy it. My responses send them your direction.

I understand why people like it. His function is our aesthetics. Let me tell how his function is minimal.

burch xrx hooligan 4Look at the wheels. They are white, not all-in black as in ‘disappear’. I just love bright wheels--they call out an essential component of a motorcycle. His swing arm is functional but also gorgeous. His engine is perfect and you know he took it all apart to make it pretty. The bike has changes all over it and it is a great Hooligan example.

He went on to say “I have completed this year's re-vamp on my sporty with the 19" conversion set up and I thought I would share. Still the same 90" screamer making power to 7500rpm. In addition to the wheels I have been at work tuning chassis, wheelbase, suspension, etc.

If I remember correctly he bought my side cover, XRX Hooligan tail, rear wheel 19” conversion kit and my fork brace. Let’s all shout it out for Aaron, the Showa guy. He knows how to bake a tasty cake.

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