I have no photos to show today even though work is progressing slowly (I've had other project interruptions). I expect to get back to it full time Thursday. Not much is left to fabricate before I begin the pre-mold polishing process-this you'll see in photos because you'll get a great idea how the parts will look.

Thanks to DXR report list person Paul Slinkard, the product name will change to XRX. You guys are well served by Paul because he's been all over me to git goin'. Paul's had great concerns about using expensive flashers for the LED signal's I'll be using. My brother, who's building a turnkey SXR project for a customer has discovered a cheap flasher which operates all four flashers and its cheap-so cheap I'll include it in the kit. The cost should be about 20 bucks.

One tail shape will be made to fit all Evos up to 2003. The 1986 to 1993 will not have dropped rear mounting tabs. The 1993 to 2003 will have dropped mounting tabs.

I still can't get any closer to costs but here is a list of the kit components:

  • Tail fender
  • Seat base
  • Shaped foam
  • Upholstery with gun fighter seat top
  • Mount kit (mid and rear mounts)
  • Tail/brake/signal light (single unit). Incandescent tail/brake light option
  • LED flasher


  • Battery cover
  • Custom XRX graphics kit for tank and tail

~ Phil