I started work on Hooligan street tracker tails for Hooligan racers and street trackers on 2/19/14. That’s been a long time because R&D time is precious when customer fulfilment is on-going. It wasn’t until 9/6/17 that I realized that later Sportys has a different tank with a rounded back end. That was the date I started what has been completed today, the XRX Gen II tail and dedicated parts.

xrx tail molds 1Shown here are the very final molds all waxed and ready to make parts. In the foreground is the tail support piece which doubles as the license plate/taillight mount. To the right is the dedicated seat base. Up top is the two-part tail mold. The shape is so complex that the mold had to be split. See the joint just forward of the middle.

This is a happy day because all the hours of shaping, sanding and polishing are done. As I reviewed the process I know why aftermarket motorcycle glass is generally poor. Close to perfect glass takes an ungodly amount of time to get the patterns and mold perfect. Most glass guys want to make money the fastest way and just make their patterns and molds to the “good enough” standard. I am anal and go way round the bend. As an example I make the country’s only exact replicas of Harley XR tanks and tails for John Steel’s Hi-Speed Motorcycles. His customers are super picky because they are paying huge money their builds. John’s customers are blown away by the quality and let him know. Case in point!

Okay today I am shipping the molds to my fiberglass shop with immediate command to start filling back orders.

xrx fiberglass 1 closeup
This is how the tail will look (Gen 1 shown).