hooligan xrx tracker oct2016 1Yep I’m going to name the product the Hooligan XRX tracker tail because Hooligan races will leap at this relatively inexpensive way to make their stock race bikes look like a Harley racer. Same for street riders... you can keep the stock tank, bolt-on a race rear and presto instant street tracker.

For those of you late to the news I’m making an XR rear tail to fit behind the 3 gallon Sportster tank. The project is almost done. The orange part you see here is the last piece of the puzzle--it’s the mold for the rear frame base/taillight holder/brake light mount for all Evos until 2003. As soon as I finish waxing it the glass guy will start making parts then I’ll know the cost. I am also going to make up a graphics kit for the tank and tail. The tank graphics will be like the original XR and you can order it as XR750, XR883, XR1000 or XR1200. More when I know more.

hooligan xrx tracker oct2016 2 hooligan xrx tracker oct2016 3