My last report was 10/14/15 which means I’m slow, but you already know that. I am, however, persistent. I have kicked the XRX project into high gear and will devote my time to completing it. Over last week I have roughed out the new rear seat support bracket which will hold taillight and license plate. Here are shots of the bracket:

xrx seat mar 2016 1 xrx seat mar 2016 2

xrx seat mar 2016 3My goal is for the bracket to show a rearward face that blends with the tail end for a more finished look. I have yet to build the taillight/license plate mount which goes in that low hollow.

This bracket will be for first Evos through 1993. In the next shot you can see that early frame behind. I am making it first because the 94+ frame (foreground) has a lower mounting surface and it will be easier to change the -93 bracket by adding material to it so it drops down to the later model seat rails. More when I have it.

~ Phil