My last report was 2ish months ago. Now you know I work at the pace of a snail. It’s that old ‘too many projects at one time’ thing. This is a follow up on the seat foam pattern I showed you last time in two pieces:

xrx seat foam two pieces th

I’d split it to add 3/8” to the length because the actual foam when it comes out the mold shrinks and the pattern has to compensate for shrinkage. Here’s the final foam pattern:

xrx seat pattern 1 th xrx seat pattern 2 th

It was rejoined, then coated with Duratech and sanded. Next came another layer of gelcoat in some traffic green stuff I had on the shelf. It was sanded from 340 wet/dry down to 2000 wet/dry, then polished and coated with 5 coats of release wax. I took these photos and boxed it up to ship to foam maker in California.

The next report will on the last piece--the license plate/light holder.

~ Phil