Hi gang. I’ve made some progress on the XRX street tracker tail for use with stock Harley 3.3 Sportster tanks. I’ve nearly finished making the seat base. Let me take you through the steps:

xrx street tracker june2015 1I use blue 3M masking tape as a release agent because it’s cheap and quick. I coat the tape with one coat of release wax.

xrx street tracker june2015 2I lay fiberglass to mirror the shape of the tank and tail.

xrx street tracker june2015 3Here the fiberglass is cured and I’ve trimmed the shape edge I want.

xrx street tracker june2015 4The seat base pattern is mounted on stilts to eliminate debris during the mold making progress to come next. I've coated the pattern with white gelcoat. The pattern has to be sanded and polished to a mirror gloss. This step took a full day.

Remaining work: Make a mold for the seat foam and make a mold for taillight/license plate holder which bonds under tail then I'm done after a year.

~ Phil