It was over a year ago that I started this project (first called DXR). Nothing is as fast as one wants. Well I have movement to report but I think it’s appropriate to review the original goal here.

The idea is a tail which bolts behind a stock Sportster 3.3 gallon tank and with my forth coming XRX tank graphics, an owner can achieve a good looking street tracker on the cheap (about half the cost of my SXR kit.) Hence the old concept drawing is shown again.

Today I can show you the competed tail part, first out of the mold. If you are wondering about that scallopy shape on the edge-that’s my attempt to blend the tail with the oil tank. I have one on the other side for my new left side cover-which is quite popular (see two posts back).

xrx sportster dirt track tail 27may2015 1 th xrx sportster dirt track tail 27may2015 2 th

Okay, I have start the molds for seat foam and the taillight/license plate holder. I’ll be back atcha when I have news.

~ Phil Little