I looked back when this project began. It was February of 2014. I am one slow puppy. Okay I have a big report this time. In the last report I showed you the pattern making for the seat foam. It started as a pile of Bondo:

xrx seat bondo 1

Then it was finished off to a polish just like any fiberglass pattern then sent off to the foam molder in sick green gelcoat (which I got free from a supplier):

xrx seat green gelcoat 1

I got back 10 foams pieces and had one covered in my traditional SXR pattern--gun fighter top with smooth sides:

xrx seat foam 1

The end result is pleasing. It snuggles up against the tank nicely and tapers away to nothing at the back of the tail. Just what is needed for a slick looking end-product.

That chunk of the tail that juts down from the tank looks out of place, but it’s not. On both sides that corner blends into the oil tank and side cover--not to worry. This design gets the tail working with the tank. That is a great failing in other designs--they have a gap between tank and tail. Why bother slapping pieces near each other when there is an alternative?

xrx tank tail 1

If you compare the bottom edge of the tail with tail photos in earlier reports you’ll see it’s straight. I used to have bumps at the back which were going to be tabs for rear mounting. I absolutly hate hardware showing on the outside of my glass-so I killed the tabs and am working on a hidden internal rear mount system. Notice that little peak midway back on the tail edge-the other side has one too. If you go back in my reports you’ll see these little shapes conform to the oil tank and my new side cover on both sides. The idea is to blend everything in a planned way.

Okay part two

Last report I showed you this internal rear mount system:

xrx rear mount system 1

I said then it was becoming a massive chunk of glass. It looked nice but it would have increased the cost and your price. So I trashed it.

xrx rear mount system 2

The new mount piece is more abbreviated and will save money.

xrx rear mount system 3

I will make a dedicated license plate holder/taillight holder seen here:

xrx plate holder 1

And I’m going to use a less expensive Lucas style light so the end of the tail will look like this. The blue tape covers the lens so I don’t muck it up with Bondo. The license plate holder comes with a white vinyl protective cover over polished stainless steel

All I have to do at this point is finish the pattern for this new piece and the project will be done. I’ve done some estimating and it looks like this tail assembly (tail, seat, license plate/taillight holder and taillight) will cost about $500 to $550. That’s still a guess but we’re gettin’ close. No pre-orders at this point. I want to have all my ducks in a row and production under way so I can ship products in a timely fashion-not the 2+ months it now takes for my SXR kits

When I get all the pieces in fist I’m going to make up XR style graphics and paint the stock tank and the tail XR orange and have photos made with painted side cover and oil tank. That will give you a true way to judge if your money will be well spent.