You are looking at the rear support bracket for XRX tail. It is designed to rest on the seat rails to support weight only. Attachment and positioning happens at the front of the tail.

xrx street tracker seat bracket 3 xrx street tracker seat bracket 4

You remember me saying some time ago that this brace in its first configuration was way too complex and thusly I launched in a more simplified direction. Then a Eureka moment happened. In the past we had to make two support molds--one for Evos up to 1993 and another for 1994 to 2003. This new support is vastly more complex but it allows us to use only one mold to pull both parts.

xrx street tracker seat bracket 1 xrx street tracker seat bracket 2

The photos show the support in the “94” shape. The drawing shows how we cut off the 94 mount and presto the lower 93 mount is exposed. I don’t know if other motorcycle glass guys make molds this complex but I expect not. The whole idea behind this ‘thing’ is not to show any hardware being exposed on the outside of the tail. Others show hardware because it’s cheaper and simpler. Not us boy--we take the long way round the barn. But the net effect is a cleaner looking product.

xrx street tracker seat bracket sketch 1

This part will save me lots of time too. The support will be glassed as the tail is made... before I’d spend an hour reading and attaching this part to the tail. Sadly this simplification only saves me time but does not lower product cost. The remaining part is the light/license plate mount which will be fabbed up as this part is made mold-ready. Soon we should have the final cost and production begins (after 20 years).

~ Phil