Last time I showed you the sides that I made for the “box” that sits atop the hood. I attached them and filled the inside with epoxy foam. That will hold the box rigid. Next I shape the foam and drop the top on. Then it’s body work time prior to mold making. Next I will send photos of final shape.

yamaha phazer report aug2022 1yamaha phazer report aug2022 sketch 1

As an oddity, I show you my stock seat cushion. I like race style seats on my sleds. I cut the storage box off the seat cushion and replaced it with a great chunk of foam. This I whittled down to my final shape. Lots of grinding and sanding. I bought a 2 foot length of 4” PVC tubing (for $24 at Home Depot). I’m going to insert it into the seat foam for a tool box. If I remember, I’ll show that next time.

yamaha phazer report aug2022 2

Yamaha Phazer Race-style Hood